2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting sessions on Coastal and Inland Aquatic Remote Sensing

Abstracts are due September 29th!

Please consider submitting your abstract to one of the four great sessions regarding coastal and inland remote sensing.  The meeting is to be held in hybrid format during the 2022 Ocean Sciences Meeting (https://www.aslo.org/osm2022/) in Honolulu, HI, 27 Feb – 4 Mar 2022:

1)   CB04 PACE, GLIMR and SBG: Synergy across Future NASA Missions for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Coastal and Inland Waters

Organizers: Kevin Turpie, kturpie@umbc.edu; Laura Lorenzoni, laura.lorenzoni@nasa.gov;, Maria Tzortziou, mt3123@columbia.edu; Wes Moses, wesley.moses@nrl.navy.mil.

2)   CB05 Advancing Water Quality Monitoring and Forecasting in Coastal and Inland Waters

Organizers: Guangming Zheng, guangming.zheng@noaa.gov; Stephanie Uz, stephanie.uz@nasa.gov; Steve Greb, srgreb@wisc.edu.

3)   CB15 Application of Remote Sensing to Societally Important Regions: Coastal, Estuarine, Tropical and Polar Waters

Organizers: Jorge Vazquez, Jorge.Vazquez@jpl.nasa.gov; Paul DiGiacomo, paul.digiacomo@noaa.gov; Jose Gomez Valdes, jgomez@cicese.mx.

4)   OT08 Emerging Technologies and Techniques for Remote Sensing of Coastal and Inland Waters

Organizers: Andrea Vander Woude, andreajv@umich.edu; Sherry Palacios, spalacios@csumb.edu; Wes Moses, wesley.moses@nrl.navy.mil.

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