Future GEO AquaWatch Webinars

Title: Why a new generation of EO sensors for water quality needs a new generation of in situ validation instruments?
Date: 31 January 2019
This webinar will be presented by Dr. Marnix Laanen, co-founder and co-owner of Water Insight, an SME dedicated to water quality remote sensing using both image data and close sensing in situ spectrometers based in Wageningen, The Netherlands. He has a PhD. in Earth and Life Sciences from the Vrije Universteit of Amsterdam specialising in the retrieval of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter from close sensing spectra validated by laboratory in situ sampling. Within Water Insight Marnix is involved in various H2020 projects and in the optical instrument development (both WISP-3 and WISPstation).
Abstract:  With the launch of the Sentinel 2 and 3 satellites a new generation of EO sensors is commissioned. However, the use of the current in situ validation instruments for these new sensors might not suffice for a number of reasons, especially for water quality retrieval. The atmospheric correction methods for S2 and S3 over surface water are still in development and is troublesome for S2 (as having a band setting primarily for land applications). In this webinar we will explore the requirements for a new generation of in situ optical instruments for S2 and S3 sensor validation.