Distribution, Access and Visualization

Working Group 4 – Distribution, Access, and Visualization

WG-4 is responsible for making products and derived information generated (and/or facilitated) by WG-3 visually appealing and broadly accessible to target audiences. The group will also work to distribute scientific, technical and other outputs to applicable end users.


  • Steve Groom, Plymouth Marine Lab
  • Megan Coffer, USEPA ORISE Postdoctoral Fellow


  • Paul Hanson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Thomas Heege, EOMAP GmbH & Co.
  • Philip Klinger,  EOMAP GmbH & Co.
  • Els Knaeps, VITO
  • George Leshkevich, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Michael Natschke, Xylem
  • Ils Reusen, VITO
  • Philipp Saile, Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG) and United Nations Environment Programme-GEMS/ Water
  • Blake Schaeffer, United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • John F. Schalles, Creighton University (Emeritas)
  • Frank Schlaeger, KISTERS AG
  • Kathleen Weathers, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
  • Paris Collingsworth, Purdue University and Illinois-Indiana SeaGrant
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