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Links to Informative Articles

  Working Group 3 Review Paper – Integrating Inland and Coastal Water Quality Data for Actionable Knowledge

Copernicus Observer – Women of Copernicus

Links to Featured GUIDANCE, Products, AND FACTSHEETS

  GEO AquaWatch Algorithm Focus Group Guidance:  Introductory      Advanced      Atmospheric Correction (coming soon!)

World Health Organization Report – Toxic Cyanobacteria in Water, 2nd Edition (2021)

IOCCG Report 17 – Earth Observations in Support of Global Water Quality

World Bank Report 2019- Quality Unknown: The Invisible Water Crisis

Hydrology in situ data availability report-1.0  – Copernicus and EEA Inland Water Requirements


Near Real-time HAB product – Green Bay Wisconsin Region, USA

MONOCLE – Horizon 2020 Project – Factsheets

Summary Report First International Operational Satellite Oceanography Symposium – June 2019 College Park MD

Quantifying the Human Health Benefits of Using Satellite Information to Detect Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms and Manage Recreational Advisories in US Lakes – June 2020, GEOHealth

Research Trends in the Use of Remote Sensing for Inland Water Quality Science  – Review paper , 2020, Water


University of Queensland Remote Sensing Toolkit to show managers, scientists and technicians working in marine, terrestrial and atmospheric environments how images collected from satellites and aircraft (remote sensing) can be used to map and monitor environmental features or processes and their change over time.

Decision Trees: World Bank Report (2016) and National Statistics Office

Training Resources

GLaSS training material on the use of EO data for lake water quality PDF

Group on Earth Observations Materials

GEO Strategic Plan 2016 – 2025 PDF

The GEOSS Water Strategy: From Observations to Decisions (Executive Summary) PDF

The GEOSS Water Strategy: From Observations to Decisions (Full Report) PDF

Committee On Earth Observation Satellites Materials

Feasibility Study of an Aquatic Ecosystem Earth Observing System PDF

*Draft* CEOS Analysis Ready Data for Land (CARD4L) Aquatic Reflectance Product Family Specification (PFS)  October version (updated with references)   OLDER VERSION PDF (May version)  Note: This is a draft document and has not yet been endorsed by the CEOS Virtual Constellation (LSI-VC)

Analysis Ready Data Community Discussion – May 20, 2020 Video  Chat

CEOS CARD4L-Aquatic Reflectance Community Discussion – November 17, 2020  Chat Video

CEOS CARD4L – Aquatic Reflectance Community Discussion – December 15, 2020 Chat Video

United Nations Environment Programme Materials

Water Policy and Strategy of UNEP PDF

The UNEP World Water Quality Assessment (brochure) PDF

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