Abstracts due Oct 15th: GASP Statistics Workshop

A one-day workshop  –  GASP, which stands for Government Advances in Statistical Programming, will be held on Friday November 6th from 9am to 5pm EDT.  This year it’s online and government programmers from all over will attend and make presentations.

Here’s the call for presenters:  https://sites.google.com/view/gasp2020/call-for-speakers

The scope includes: Using R to Streamline analysis, Using statistical software for model selection/validation, Using Python libraries for text analysis and to streamline production, Using R to automate and increase office efficiency, Using Dashboards for data analysis and production, Open source software to increase speed to get more information, Applications of Python and other software for production, Using R shiny and other open source software for analysis of survey data-public use files, Data science, Big data, Official statistics, Version controls and reproducibility, Process automation, DataOps/ DevOps, Presentation involving Data visualization, Natural language processing, Julia language applications for open-government, and Neural networks

Presentations are to be 10 or 20 minutes long.  Submissions are due on Oct 15 and the organizers will respond within a week.  You can register to attend at the same site.

This is the third annual GASP workshop.  Here are the programs from past years:http://www.washstat.org/presentations/20181024/20181024_GASP_Program.pdf


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