Announcing the ISI Training Workshop on River Sediment Monitoring & Mgmt

The International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change (ICWRGC) at UNESCO announces the Call for Applications for the ISI Training Workshop on River Sediment Monitoring and Management.  This Virtual Workshop will take place 06-10 September 2021.

This online training workshop focuses on training and capacity-building in the field of river sediment monitoring and management. In this training workshop, we teach about sediment monitoring techniques, data analysis
methods and management practices. This workshop will concentrate on monitoring and management of sediment in rivers and will not include topics such as hillslope erosion and soil conservation.

Who should apply?
• You have a background in geosciences (hydrology, geography, etc.), civil engineering or related disciplines.
• Your current future job involves working on topics related to sediment transport in river basins.
• You need extra training and support to improve your knowledge of sediment monitoring techniques,sediment data analysis and river basin management.
• You have a basic knowledge of working with R Studio.

Participants may register until June 20, 2021.  Please see more information in the 2-pg information flyer.

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