Call for turbidity, reflectance and Secchi disk depth Data

AquaWatch is developing an initial product suite for Work Package 3 – visible demonstration products of water quality parameters. The purpose of this product is to demonstrate to users today’s capability of the global community to produce water related information at global scale. This Aquawatch Demonstration product shall be based on products readily available from community members.

This product suite will include an NTU turbidity product, a Secchi disk depth product, a diffuse attenuation coefficient product, and a surface reflectance product. Absorption and scattering information will also be included where appropriate for added value and product comparability. The product will be done at three resolutions – 1 km, 300 m and 100 m. The product will be coherent globally at the 1 km level, continent or country level at 300m and regional “zoom-in” at the ≤100 m level.

Download the data call description for more information

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