Artificial Intelligence Job Opportunities: University of Florida

Four tenure-track Assistant Professor faculty positions are announced and soon will begin accepting applications at the University of Florida.  We will begin interviewing excellent candidates as their applications come in. Interested candidates should email me ( expressing their intent to apply so I can share the application link with these candidates as soon as it goes live.

These positions, described briefly below, are all linked to a new initiative with the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, the Center for Coastal Solutions (visit this page to learn more) for which I am the Director. Candidates eager to engage in research focused on a wide range of challenges facing our coastal communities and ecosystems are encouraged to apply, although past experience in this domain space is not required. We are particularly interested in researchers able to develop and apply innovative approaches to improving how we monitor and model coastal hazards (e.g. sea level rise, pathogen outbreaks, harmful algae blooms, invasive species) and their impacts on coastal environments, economies and public health.

  • AI Methods for Graphs: Candidates are sought whose research area is the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods for graphs and graph-based data.
  • Signal, Image, and Video Processing: Candidates are sought whose research focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Signal, Image, and/or Video (SIV) processing.
  • Reinforcement Learning: Candidates are sought whose research focus includes reinforcement learning in general, and especially those who are interested in collaborative research with the Center for Coastal Solutions.
  • Underwater Robotics: Candidates are sought whose research focus include robotics and autonomous systems, with particular expertise in underwater robotics.
As you may be aware, UF is building an AI program with both breadth and depth: The depth to produce top Ph.D.’s in AI technology and the breadth to infuse AI into UF’s entire curriculum so that all students, graduate and undergraduate, regardless of their major, develop basic awareness and competence in how AI is transforming their future careers. This will arm every University of Florida student to help Florida build a tech-driven, high-wage economy in fields as diverse as medicine, agriculture, defense, manufacturing, software development, education, business, and more. The impact will be far reaching – the University of Florida student equipped with this knowledge will work independently with AI and data science to create new markets, new technologies, and an increasingly inclusive, ethical and just future.

To support this ambitious vision, the University of Florida has committed to hiring 100 AI-focused faculty across the entire university. These faculty are being sought as members of interdisciplinary teams that span multiple colleges, where UF will leverage its existing expertise as well as new faculty to tackle some of society’s most pressing challenges. The positions listed above are part of this larger University-wide effort and we anticipate that the faculty we hire will find a wealth of opportunity for high-impact, collaborative research, student training and curriculum development in joining our ranks. Our CCS faculty are particularly collaborative and eager to engage new talented colleagues in the spirit of this larger effort.

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