Call for Manuscripts: Environmental Citizen Studies in Freshwater Science

We are delighted to share this effort led by Topic Editors Janet Anstee, CSIRO; Igor Ogashawara, IGB-Berlin; Erin Roger, CSIRO; and Hilary Snook, USEPA.  Drs Anstee and Ogashawara are members and leaders within GEO AquaWatch!

Frontiers in Environmental Science currently has a call for manuscripts for the Research Topic: Environmental Citizen Studies in Freshwater Science.

Manuscript Submission Deadline: May 8, 2023

from the call…..

The purpose of this Research Topic is to explore the value and potential of freshwater citizen science to address knowledge gaps and improve understanding of the hydrodynamics of freshwater systems. It also aims to show how technological advances and metadata (e.g. FAIR- findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) principles, have enabled critical evaluation of citizen science data leading to a greater uptake of freshwater citizen science data.

We welcome articles on themes including, but not limited to:
•Physical, chemical or biological sampling citizen science programs.
•Monitoring freshwater restoration projects using citizen science data
•Freshwater citizen science quality assurance
•Integration of citizen science data with traditional monitoring programs
•Citizen science data for analysing the freshwater quality
•Addressing gaps in freshwater citizen science’s knowledge base.
•Citizen science’s rapid response to pollution, fish kills or algal blooms in freshwaters
•Freshwater citizen science data and the UNSDGs
•Using Earth Observation data and freshwater citizen science data

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