Call for Papers: Special Issue “Bio-Optical Oceanic Remote Sensing”

Contributions are solicited for the upcoming special issue of Remote Sensing, entitled “Bio-Optical Oceanic Remote Sensing” will focus on the development and validation of new bio-optical remote sensing algorithms for oceanic and coastal waters. The issue will be co-edited by Bradley Penta (NRL) and Victor S. Kuwahara (Soka University).  Authors are encouraged to submit articles concerning, but not limited to, the following topics:

    • In situ validation of ocean color products
    • Vicarious validation of ocean color sensors Hyperspectral remote sensing algorithm development
    • Ocean color products related to:
      • Harmful algal bloom (HAB) detection
      • Phytoplankton functional types (PFT)
      • Higher trophic levels
      • Optical water mass classification
    • Biogeochemical cycles
    • New and future applications of remote sensing ocean color sensors

More information is available at: .

Submissions will be accepted through 31 July 2021. Each submission will be published based on its own peer review process.

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