Call for Papers: Special Issue in Remote Sensing

A special issue of the journal Remote Sensing  will deal with “Remote Sensing of DOC in Inland Water”.  This Special Issue aims to collect recent developments, methodologies, calibration/validation, and applications of DOC sensing data, and derived products, from different platforms (i.e., satellite, airborne, and UAV-based remote sensing) and in situ measurements. Both applied and theoretical research contributions on inland water dealing with new algorithms and methodology developments are cordially solicited. Submissions are encouraged to cover a broad range of topics, which may include:

  • DOC concentration optical algorithm development, validation, and calibration;
  • Evaluating relationships between DOC and CDOM in inland waters;
  • Large areas (global and regional) DOC mapping in inland water;
  • Temporal variability (changes/trends/shifts) of DOC in inland waters;
  • Integration of multisource remote sensing for assessing DOC concentration;
  • Integration of hyperspectral imagery with ground-based datasets;
  • Synergy between altimetry and optical remote sensing imagery for DOC fluxes assessment;
  • Comparison of remote-sensing DOC observations and biogeochemical model simulations;
  • The key role of DOC remote sensing in climate change.

The deadline for manuscript submissions is next year, 30 June 2021. See for further information.

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