Virtual Meeting – Caribbean: Climate Change and Health in Small Island Developing States

Thank you for choosing to join the Caribbean community and international partners for our virtual “Conference on Climate Change and Health in Small Island Developing States: Focus on the Caribbean”: 4 days (October 5 – 8, 2021) of immersion in the science of climate change and health in the Caribbean, identifying knowledge gaps, posing solutions, resource sharing, networking, and empowerment. Together we will work to address the critical public health issue of climate change, and find sustainable ways to live healthy lives. English, Spanish, and French interpretation will be available.

Our sessions will cover:

October 5, 2021: The Varied Effects of Climate Change on Health

October 6, 2021: Immediate Health Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

October 7, 2021: The Health Sector and its Role in Addressing Climate Change and Health

October 8, 2021: Participation, Representation, and Collaboration to Implement the Research Agenda

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