Check out CitSci Water Quality Expert Laurence Carvalho at GEO Virtual Symposium!

The GEO Citizen Science Spotlight Sessions occur twice in the GEO Virtual Symposium agenda:   Tuesday June 22nd 10:00-1030 and again on Wednesday June 23rd 18:00-18:30 CEST.  Both sessions feature a presentation by GEO AquaWatch Steering Committee Chairperson Dr. Laurence Carvalho, Professor, Freshwater Restoration & Sustainability at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.

Prof. Laurence Carvalho is a freshwater ecologist in the Freshwater Restoration and Sustainability Group at UK Centre for Ecology.  Laurence’s research is focused on the monitoring and management of freshwater resources and in particular understanding and minimizing the risks to public and animal health from harmful algal blooms. His work considers the complementarity of different sources of monitoring data including traditional in-situ data from regulatory agencies and research institutes, satellite earth observation, sensors and citizen science. He leads the Bloomin’Algae citizen science campaign, which is an app and web service for reporting, and being notified of, the presence of harmful algal blooms in freshwaters. The app helps speed up public health warnings and teaches the public how to recognize potentially toxic algal bloom incidents.

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