“Gaia4All: Indigenous Hackathon for Global Early Warning”

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Challenge Overview:

“Gaia4All: Indigenous Hackathon for Global Early Warning” is a groundbreaking, Indigenous-led innovation challenge committed to contribute to the overarching UN goal of providing effective early warning systems for storms, floods, droughts and heatwaves in all parts of the world by 2027. With climate change impacts escalating, timely early warnings have become a pressing need to safeguard lives and livelihoods.

This transformative challenge is guided by the principles of the “Indigenous Hackathon” fostering the co-creation of technological solutions that integrate scientific, local, and Indigenous knowledge. Our collective goal is to make early warnings universally accessible and embraced, particularly by Indigenous and underrepresented communities, empowering them to proactively mitigate the impacts of extreme weather events.

Join us in this audacious journey to harness the collective intelligence of the crowd to strengthen global resilience, protect lives and foster sustainable futures. Let’s work towards  a world where early warning systems are available to everyone anywhere, leaving no community behind in the face of climate uncertainty. Let’s unite as planet guardians, making a lasting impact for generations to come.

When: October 28-29

Where: Online

Sign up here to keep informed and share your interest to participate as a hacker, mentor or sponsor: https://forms.gle/MPSPdMuxsh7PgnKaA

For sponsorship inquiries or more information, please contact diana@space4innovation.com

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