GEO GEE Talks – featuring University of Pelotas (Brazil) Felipe Lobo and Algae MAp!

Geo for Good Lighting Talk Series #10: GEO-GEE Programme –  Climate Action & Science

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The Google Earth Outreach team hosts a series of monthly lightning talks by and for nonprofits, scientists and other change-makers who want to leverage mapping tools and technology for positive impact in the world. We hope those talks will inspire you to think of new ways you can have an impact with Google’s tools or provide operational or practical hints to improve and optimize your workflows.
Two years ago, the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and Google Earth Engine (GEE) announced that 32 projects from 22 countries were awarded production licenses and technical support to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges using open geospatial data. As the GEO-GEE Programme draws to a close, we’re excited for the project teams to share their results and outcomes over the next few Lightning Talk episodes. In June, we’ll hear from project teams on how they used Google Earth Engine to support climate action & science.

Stef Lhermitte, Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology

Felipe de Lucia Lobo, Professor, Federal University of Pelotas (Brazil)

Eligio Maure, Researcher, Northwest Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center (NPEC)
Yifang Ban, Professor & Associate Director, KTH Royal Institute of Technology & Digital Futures

Nicholas Murray, Senior Lecturer, James Cook University

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