Great Lakes Observing System Data Providers Webinar

Join GLOS for this webinar on April 8th at 1pm EDT!  REGISTER HERE

What’s the webinar about?
The past year has seen an exciting one at GLOS: new staff, new technology, new partnerships, and a new strategic plan to guide the organization through 2025 in support of the Smart Great Lakes Initiative.

Along with the newness has come some important questions from our partners: What does the new strategic plan mean for existing efforts? What new opportunities exist for partnership? How can I leverage GLOS to improve my work and contribute to the overall observing system?

The new strategic plan was crafted to improve the caliber of end-to-end data services GLOS is able to offer to the Great Lakes region, and providing those services means collaborating closely with current and future data providers—those deploying the sensors, buoys, and other technologies that enable us to monitor and understand our lakes.

Tune in to hear an update on how GLOS is working to support monitoring, how to contribute to the new Integrated Ocean Observing System proposal, practical next-steps for sharing your data, and more.

This is an open webinar. Please share with anyone who may be interested in attending.

Hope to see you there, and do reach out with any questions, or visit

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