INBO Webinar September 15th!

Shared on behalf of International Network of Basin Organizations:

INBO is pleased to invite you on Tuesday September 15th at 4pm (CEST) to its webinar.  It will be translated simultaneously in french, english and spanish.  Register here

Faced with the new challenges related to climate change, population growth, biodiversity erosion (etc.), water resource managers increasingly need reliable, regularly updated and relevant information to make the right decisions, monitor the impact of implemented measures and communicate to the public.  When they exist, the necessary data are often fragmented, inconsistent and difficult to use as they are produced by multiple institutions operating in various sectors with little coordination. In this respect, experience shows that the adoption of appropriate governance rules and technical procedures helps to develop potentials and to promotes inter-institutional collaboration while building on existing systems and strengthening the roles and capacities of each actor.  But data on the state of resources and uses are also often insufficient or even missing. On this point, remote sensing systems already offers very interesting possibilities for the production of additional data and some future satellites will enable a significant evolution of monitoring procedures.

This webinar will be an opportunity to recall some elements of the state of the art and to exchange on these various topics with in particular the intervention of major witnesses involved in the management of water resources in national and international contexts.

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