Profile YOUR company at 2021 GEO Week Virtual Industry Track!

The Virtual Industry Track at GEO Week 2021 will focus on presenting the multidisciplinary activities of the GEO Work Programme with a priority to boost public-private partnerships which support national Earth observation initiatives.

This year we are offering 16 small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) an opportunity to profile their work in Earth observations.

Submissions to present in one of the Company Profile slots is open to all SMMEs across the globe. This will be a virtual presentation illustrating how your business supports or complements the GEO Work Programme. This will be followed by a GEO Work Programme and GEO Associates feedback panel which will provide insights into how you can improve your engagements with the GEO community.

Please complete the form below for your company to be considered for a slot.

Deadline 4 Nov 2021

Apply HERE
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