Register Now: Engaging Users In Solving Coastal Issues – CEOS COAST Webinar

Register now for the “Engaging Users In Solving Coastal Issues – CEOS COAST Product Showcase” webinar that will be held on 05 October, 14:00-15:30 hrs CEST. 

The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Secretariat is pleased to co-convene this webinar with CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation Satellites) on Coastal Observations, Applications, Services, and Tools Ad Hoc Team (COAST) to illustrate the utility of Earth observations (EO) in providing evidence-based solutions to environmental challenges.

CEOS Coastal Observations, Applications, Services, and Tools (COAST) seeks to engage with coastal stakeholders to guide the next stages of its ambition.  At this community webinar you will learn more about CEOS COAST and see product demonstrations directed at solving coastal issues in pilot regions. COAST EO applications will be co-developed and co-designed with users to better inform decision-making and to improve products with local data for validation.  The initial foci include: Flooding and inundation, bathymetry/coastline mapping, coastal eutrophication, and turbidity/sedimentation. 

By showcasing some of the EO products and services that are currently available, the aim is to seek feedback and to use this to refine and tailor existing products to other coastal communities around the world.  New EO product development will also be considered where issues are raised through this consultation.  CEOS COAST has been endorsed as a contribution to the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.  Presentations by ISRO, Geoscience Australia, ESA, NOAA, GEO AquaWatch, and GEO BluePlanet will be featured.

Who should attend? Anyone looking to make evidence-based decisions with Earth observations to address coastal issues are encouraged to attend and learn more, but especially those in the following initial pilot regions: Bay of Bengal, western coast of Africa, LaPlata Estuary, Chesapeake Bay (USA), and Caribbean and Pacific small island nations.  Experience using Earth observation for coastal management is not needed to attend this webinar or to engage with COAST – new users are welcome! 

To register please click here. Session #EngagingUsers


  • Welcome Statements from GEO Secretariat and CEOS Strategic Implementation Team Co-Chair- Yana Gevorgyan and Adam Lewis 
  • Introduction to COAST – Paul DiGiacomo (NOAA) and Raj Kumar (ISRO) 
  • Description of Users, Pilot Regions and Products (pre-recorded talks)
    • Products: physical oceanography, coastline mapping, bathymetry, sediments/turbidity, coastal eutrophication 
  • Q&A and Discussion (moderated by Raj and Paul) – up to 45 minutes
  • Closing – Doug Cripe (GEO, Sr. Scientific Advisor) and Marie-Claire Greening (CEOS CEO)
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