Remote Sensing Red tides Postdoc: Nantes University (France)

Pierre Gurnez announces a 18-month postdoc position on coastal red tides
remote sensing and ecology, at Nantes University (France).

The main objective will be to study the ecology and biodiversity of
phytoplankton red tides using satellite remote sensing. Class and/or
genus-specific algorithms for phytoplankton identification based on
optical bloom type clustering and inversion of diagnostic pigments will
be developed, and applied to high-resolution satellite data in
conjunction with field observations (data from phytoplankton monitoring
network and citizen science), to create time-series of red tide events
along the French coastline. Time-series of phytoplankton blooms will be
analyzed to study the spatiotemporal dynamics of coastal red tides, in
terms of phenology and long-term inter-annual variations.

The full job ad is attached. Deadline to apply is 31 July 2024 (with
possible extension in case no suitable candidate has been selected),
with a start around October 2024 (ideally).

Postdoc-Blooms remote sensing-Nantes

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