Two USEPA Clean Water Act ORISE Fellowships – USA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Nonpoint Source Management Branch (Clean Water Act Section 319 program) expects to hire two ORISE participants; this announcement is open through March 24.

View the announcement or submit your application here:

About these positions:

These ORISE participants will provide research support across a varied nonpoint source (NPS) topic areas: (1) research and analysis to support the Clean Water Act Section 319 NPS Program, including national-scale research on state NPS management strategies, watershed-scale conservation practices, and evaluating water quality results in proposed NPS success stories, (2) support for EPA’s work with partners to manage nutrient pollution in the Mississippi River Basin, including research and outreach related to the Hypoxia Task Force efforts, (3) programmatic and technical research to support EPA’s Healthy Watersheds Protection Program, and (4) research and data analyses to support partnership work between EPA’s Nonpoint Source and State Revolving Funds programs.

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