University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa EO Water Quality Job: NOAA CoastWatch

A Remote Sensing Analyst in support of the NOAA CoastWatch Water Node (operations manager position) has been posted to the University of Alabama(Tuscaloosa) job board. Applicants are invited to now apply to the position.  Note this position is not a NOAA federal job opportunity, but is for a support position offered through a Cooperative Institute – CIROH.

Required Department Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in geoscience, engineering, computer science, or related field plus 5 years of research or work experience with satellite remote sensing, hydrology, or in a related geoscience field. Experience with data discovery, image processing, geospatial analysis, and metadata documentation. Ability to stay current, learn new concepts and techniques, and build an organized network of stakeholders and experts.

Position closes December 31st

Asst Research Professional – Remote Sensing Analyst – 517909

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