USEPA Federal Post-Doc Opportunity!

Satellite Water Quality Modeling and Forecasting Federal Post-Doc Opportunity with the USEPA

This position is open until December 13, 2023 and is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.  Blake Schaeffer is the hiring manager.

This is an opportunity in the Watershed and Ecosystem Characterization Division, Ecosystem Condition Branch. The Ecosystem Condition Branch supports the Clean Water Act by developing methods and indicators to monitor and assess aquatic environments. This position will focus on development, enhancement, and operational transition of national models for forecasting freshwater harmful cyanobacteria blooms and seagrass habitat change, combined with emerging remote sensing technologies. Examples include Bayesian spatio-temporal methods, machine learning or neural networks to forecast cyanobacterial blooms across 2,200 of the largest lakes using satellite data from the Cyanobacteria Assessment Network (, and for seagrass classification from commercial satellites through the NASA Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition Program. These projects are on the cutting edge of water quality monitoring and applied satellite operations for water quality management. The candidate will have opportunities to interact with multiple federal agencies and academic universities related to satellite water quality research for inland waters and estuaries. The candidate will participate in a multidisciplinary team and have opportunities to publish, and present research findings at scientific conferences and various stakeholder engagement meetings.

Here is a direct link to the advertisement with instructions on how to apply:

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