Water Quality Analysis Ready Data – Call for Special Issue Contributions

The monitoring of water quality is extremely important for environmental, human and economic health. Coastal and inland water quality data are used to support water resource management and timely decision making. However, these data are scarce at the global, regional, and national levels, due to the lack of monitoring networks and capacity.

The number of studies about the use of Earth Observation for monitoring water quality in coastal and inland aquatic environments has grown in the last decade. However, the operational use of this technology is still limited, especially due to the lack of expertise and infrastructure to access, process, and utilize the Earth Observation data for local, regional, and national decision-making. To promote the use of Earth Observation as a decision-making tool, different programs have been developing Analysis-Ready Data (ARD) for water quality.

This Special Issue on “Analysis-Ready Data from Earth Observations for Water Quality: Development and Applications” is focused on studies that are using or developing ARD related to water quality. Therefore, studies developing, applying, calibrating, or validating ARD are encouraged to submit to this Special Issue. Some of the water-quality parameters that are of interest to this Special Issue, without being limited to, are the following:

  • Aquatic Reflectance (or Remote Sensing Reflectance);
  • Chlorophyll-a;
  • Colored Dissolved Organic Matter;
  • Phycocyanin;
  • Total Suspended Solids;
  • Trophic State Index;
  • Turbidity;
  • Water Temperature.

Dr. Igor Ogashawara
Dr. Carmen Castro-Cillero
Guest Editors

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