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News from the ESA Lakes Climate Change Initiative ‘Lakes_cci Project’!

A new ESA CCI Lakes data paper is now online by Carrera et al.! Read the paper, use the dataset which contains lake surface water temperature, ice cover, color water level and extent for more than 2000 lakes around the world!

The last version (2.0.2) of merged satellite products for the ECV –
Lakes, over the period 1992-2020 and for over 2000 inland water
bodies, is accessible at:

This dataset contains the following thematic climate variables: Lake
Water Level (LWL), Lake Water Extent (LWE), Lake Surface Water
temperature (LSWT), Lake Ice Cover (LIC), Lake Water-Leaving
Reflectance (LWLR).

Job Opportunity: UN Programme Specialist – Water Quality

A United Nations Programme Specialist is sought in the field of Water Quality.  The incumbent is responsible for providing thematic planning, coordination, implementation, monitoring of programmes, projects  and activities related to water quality, as well as other related activities of the section and division as outlined in the C4/C5, relevant global development agendas and in accordance with the IHP Strategic Plan and its related operational implementation plan.

In particular, the incumbent will:

  • Participate substantively in the design, development of and coordinate, implement and monitor programme and project activities, along the line of IHP strategic plan, related operational plan as outlined in the C4/ C5 focusing on water quality and related issues including ecohydrology.
  • Facilitate and support research, networking, and capacity building programmes to help IHP national committees and member states on the implementation of IHP priorities related to water quality and related issues.
  • Contribute substantively to the production of high-quality scientific knowledge base, data, tools, and methodologies to address water quality and pollution challenges in coordination with relevant category II centers and chairs.
  • Promote, and facilitate the deployment of water quality related tools and products in member states and produce relevant publications and ensure wide disseminations of tools and publications to member states and stakeholders through organization of scientific events, workshops, training courses, exhibition and outreach activities.
  • Maintain relation with professional, scientific and UN organizations and create and supports scientific network related to water quality and related issues.
  • Contribute to mobilize and raise extrabudgetary resources by developing concept notes and project proposals on the basis of situational analysis and needs assessments and in accordance with the C/5, to support RP activities and implementations, monitor related projects and programmes in line with approved objectives and deliverables.

USA Masters Student Opportunity (2 yr)

A 2-year MS graduate position is available in the Ecosystem Ecology Group of the Stroud Water Research Center. This position will focus on investigating the origin and transport of river algae in the main stem and tributaries of the Delaware River Basin (DRB). The student will be based and advised by Dr. Peipoch at the Stroud Center located in Avondale, PA, and will be enrolled in the Water Science & Policy at the University of Delaware located 20 min from the Stroud Center. The student will be part of an NSF-funded project focused on understanding regional and continental-level patterns in river algal sources, productivity, and transport dynamics by linking high-frequency data from a network of in-situ chlorophyll sensors and field sampling at a finer spatial scale.

Applicants from various backgrounds will be considered, including biology, hydrology, ecology, environmental science, chemistry, or related disciplines. The expected beginning stipend for this position is $29,333 and a tuition waiver will be provided throughout the duration of the project. The preferred starting date is June 2023.

Interested candidates should contact Dr. Marc Peipoch ( for further inquiries and/or questions about this opportunity. Applications for summer and fall semesters are due by February 1, 2023. Specific instructions for the application can be found at

NOAA Support Job: University of Maryland SST Remote Sensing

A global Sea Surface Temperature scientist vacancy announcement has been posted to the University of Maryland job board. Applicants are invited to now apply to the position, which is slated to be open until February 1, 2023.  Note this position is not a NOAA federal job opportunity, but is for a support position offered through a Cooperative Institute – Cooperative Institute for Satellite Earth System Studies (CISESS) of the University of Maryland, College Park. UMD seeks a scientist to assist in the development of a new bias correction scheme for the 40+ year record of satellite global sea surface temperatures.  This work is a vital aspect of the production of NOAA’s next-generation long-term SST dataset, linking modern high-accuracy observations from current satellite data to those obtained from historical sensors.

Find out more and apply here: